Benzo Addiction Treatment

Benzo Addiction Treatment

Diazepam is the drug most often used to treat Benzo addiction and it is used to substitute the Benzo drug. A detox program is usually helpful in the treatment of Benzo abuse and addiction. The detox program should be medically supervised by a qualified and trained physician, better still by one who is trained in handling Benzo abuse and addiction.

The most effective detox program will effectively rid the patient’s body of the Benzo with minimal side-effects and withdrawal symptoms. The patient is then introduced into a 12-step program and receives counseling to address the underlying issues that caused the addiction in the first place. The counseling sessions should include group counseling where family members are invited to get involved.

The support of family members has been shown to significantly reduce the chances of a relapse. Listed below is the replacement therapy for several Benzo drugs.

Benzo Addiction Treatment

To withdraw from Lorazepam (Activan) you should substitute the high Activan dose (usually 6mg) with 60 mg of Valium. This dosage should then be tapered off in 36 stages. Lorazepam should continue to be administered.

Alprazolam (Xanax) is one of the Benzodiazepine drugs. To withdraw from a high dose of 6mg of this drug, you should substitute it with 120mg of Diazepam (Valium). This dosage should then be tapered off in the second week to 110 mg, 90 mg, 80 mg, 60 mg, 50mg and 45 mg by the end of the week.

To withdraw from Diazepam, you do not substitute it with another drug. Rather, you gradually reduce the dose from the starting dose (which is usually 40 mg) and reduce it in stages which are about 26 in number until you get to the final stage of 1mg Diazepam per day in the final stage. The dosages for the various stages are stage 1- 38 mg per day, stage 2 -36 mg per day, stage 3-34 mg per day, stage 4-32 mg per day, stage 5-30 mg per day, stage 6-28 mg per day, stage 7-26 mg per day, stage 8-24 mg per day, stage 9-22mg per day, stage 10-20mg per day, stage 11-18 mg per day, stage 12 -16 mg per day, stage 13 -14 mg per day, stage 14-13 mg per day, stage 15-12g per day, stage 16-11mg per day, stage 17-10mg per day, stage 18-9 mg per day and a reduction of 1mg per day for each subsequent stage until you get to zero.

Good rehab can go a long way in helping to cure Benzo addiction. Some of the signs of a good rehab facility are.

The substance abuse rehab facility 800-303-2482 should be accredited or certified. The plain fact is that contrary to what many facilities that are not credited claim, a certified rehab facility is more likely to offer better quality services than one that is not. The accreditation involves having licensed employees in the facility, the professionals should have medical knowledge of the services they are offering and the facility’s services should meet the required standards for rehabilitation. A facility that is not accredited is naturally not answerable to anyone and they have no set standard for services and can therefore do as much or as little as they choose to.

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